Downloadable DVD’s

Fierce Feet Volume 1

Fierce Feet, Volume 1

West Coast Swing is all about rhythm, and using your feet is the best way to express it! Learn how to recognize different syncopations, how to use your feet to interpret them and then put it all together with a follow along practice! Chapter Titles:

  • Pitch & Rhythm
  • Fire Feet
  • Kick-Ball Change
  • Heel-Heel Ball
  • Practice Sequence
  • Bloopers

Building Your Basics, Volume 1

Building Your Basics, Volume 1

Whether you’re brand new to West Coast Swing, or returning to perfect your basics, this DVD has something for you! Master the building blocks of swing! Chapter Titles:

  • Building Blocks
  • Frame
  • Passes
  • Push
  • Whip and 8-Count Rhythm
  • Dance Demo,
  • Bloopers

Building Your Basics, Volume 2

Building Your Basics, Volume 2

Learn the most popular variations on your basic patterns. Great for a beginner looking to add moves to their repertoire or for the experienced dancer interested in learning advanced techniques for their basics. Chapter Titles:

  • Inside Turn
  • Sugar Tuck
  • Whip with a Double Outside Turn
  • Apache Whip & Variation
  • Dance Demo
  • Bloopers

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